Day 17 – Simmesport to Jackson

Well, the motel I stayed at in Simmesport must rent rooms by the hour. Someone when into the room next mine at 5 a.m. and left about 5:45 a.m. … and I heard EVERYTHING! I was getting up early anyway to do apply patches to our production servers anyway. I thought … OK … I’ll have a cup of coffee to help start the day. No joy. Microwave didn’t work. So I was happy to leave that place.

Why the church? While it is hard to read, it is the “9th Baptist Church”. What happened to 2 thru 8?

Outside a small town after crossing a railroad track I site the birthplace of Buddy Guy.

Continuing on towards the Mississippi River! As I approached the river I could see the bridge with a power plant on the left.

Bridges are steep! I did have a nice shoulder and I had to walk my bike about 1/2 of the incline. Was able to do a 360 degree panorama.

Again I had wonderful weather and roads. I also loved seeing the wild wisteria blooming all along the sides of the road. Reminded me of the wisteria that was at Mom and Dad’s house and how it bloomed around Easter each year.

After 68 miles of riding, I finally arrived at my WarmShows for the night.

WOW … was I impressed with the setup Perry has done for cyclists! There was a covered deck area, little 8×8 bungalow that had 2 bunks and a bathroom with a flush toilet! Back behind everything was a HEATED outdoor shower. Not only that but Perry is an expert bike mechanic (in addition to her being a bike enthusiast). All this reminded me of my Boy Scout days at summer camps. What a road angle she is! She provide a great lunch and dinner as well as helped me with some maintenance to Wildfire.

Today’s stats are mucked up as I took a rest stop, paused Runkeeper and forgot to restart it. Like I said earlier … Sunday was about 68 miles.

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