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Final Preparations in Texas

Tough sleep last night as I woke up about 3am with my mind spinning going over my trip!   Finally got back to sleep around 4:30 🙁 Finishing up all the final preparations for the big trip.   Did a …

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My trusty steed now has a name.   I’ve name him “Wildfire”!  

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Bike is ready!

My trusty steed is back home with it’s new fenders ready to go! As to a name … I’m thinking either “Red” or “Big Red”. No one has made any suggestions yet but then someone would have to be reading …

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Bike in Shop Getting Ready

Wow … time to leave on my trek is getting closer! Today I was going to install my fenders but discovered that with the racks and the disc brakes the installation was going to take a bit more experience than …

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Route CO to TX

My proposed route from Lake City, CO to Fort Worth, TX Day 1  

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Welcome to my Cycling Over 60 blog.    First off … “60” is not a speed but age group 🙂    My current goal is to bike, fully self contained, from my cabin in Lake City, CO, back to my …

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