Thank You

ThankYou1Such a venture could never be achieved if it were not for the support in inspiration of so many.   Thank you all!

Above all my wife Lynne.   My council, friend and my love … she never ever discouraged my “obsession” for my big tour and allowed me to bounce all the planning off of her.

Second “thank you” goes to my friend, colleague, and boss Craig.   A avid cyclist himself has been a positive soundboard for bouncing all sorts of aspects of this upcoming trip and for allowing the time away from work to attempt this.

Thanks to Darren Alff of the website Bicyclle Touring Pro.   While there are many websites about bicycling touring, Darren’s seems to have the most comprehensive amount of information.   While I’ve never met the guy, he really has some ground solid information the help us “newcomers” to the bicycle touring family.

Then there was inspiration from folks like Mike and John whom I met last summer (July 2014) in Lake City as they were passing through town on their bike tour.  I pulled over to chat with them and invited them to stay at the new cabin, and with the impending rain, they took me up on it.  Since then, we’ve kept in touch via email and Mike has been very helpful in advice on bike touring gear.   He also plans his next big bike tour in the UK this May.

There have been many more people to thank and I hope to update this page soon.



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