Bike in Shop Getting Ready

20141205_151008Wow … time to leave on my trek is getting closer! Today I was going to install my fenders but discovered that with the racks and the disc brakes the installation was going to take a bit more experience than I have. Besides that I had intended to take the bike in for its 500 mile checkup.

So off the Trinity Bicycles I went ( ). Bernie, the Bicyclist-in-Chief, is such a nice guy and easy to work with. If EVERY you need to get work done on your bike, I HIGHLY recommend them.

Bernie was going to install my fenders (aka mud flaps) and give the bike a good going over. He said it would be ready tomorrow but I told him take as much time as he needed as I know how shops can get slammed with priority work.

All being said, my bike needs a name!20150116_1stMondayArea_Wford_3

Any suggestions?


PS.  Bernie did comment on my flag pole, light and license plate holder … I think they were positive comments đŸ™‚

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