Day 09 – Texas Tonight

Day 09 – Apr 15, 2015

Entering Texas at Farwell

Entering Texas at Farwell

Happy tax day … not!  🙂   Looking ahead at the weather I decided to ride from Clovis, NM onward to Tulia, TX.   I saw that there might be some showers developing in the afternoon and on Thursday so I skipped staying at Dimmit, TX and road additional 32 miles to Tulia.   Total of about 90 miles today and I’m beat … but it all went well.

First off, I have to admit, the parts of Clovis I saw was highly industrial and not very pretty.   It just didn’t have a good feel for me and I was happy to leave.   Left town at about 7:15 am (MDT) or 8:15 am (CDT) and it is about 10 miles to Texico, NM and Farwell, TX.   Followed US 60 NE to the town Bovina, TX where I took hightway TX 86 where I would ride on the rest of the day.   Roads the entire day were really good with nice wide shoulders.   I arrived at Dimmitt, TX around noon where I found a hamburger place to stop and have a little lunch.   Dimmitt was to be an overnight stop but I was feeling pretty good so decicded to continue on to Tulia.

Heading on TX 86 towards Tulia.   Thunderstorms gathering in the West

Heading on TX 86 towards Tulia. Thunderstorms gathering in the West

Clouds and winds were developing behind me to the west but never really became an issue.   Took some really nice photos of the farming lands that were all around.   I also passed by several active cattle feeding lots and in the words of come cattlemen “ah the smell of money”.   It does take a bit longer to pass these lots on a bicycle  🙂

All in all, another great day but a tiring one.  I’m thinking of sleeping in a bit tomorrow.

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  • Farm equipment along TX 86 - looks like dragons
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