Day 08 – Nut’n but highway

Day 08 – Apr 14, 2015

Woo hoo … 65 miles today and it felt really good!

CO2TX_Day08_ 4-14-2015 8-05-24 AMSince today I was skipping an overnight stop, I wanted to get an early start.   Had a quick breakfast of oatmeal and instant Starbucks coffee and left the Coronado hotel in Fort Sumner at about 7 a.m.  Very nice clean place and a deal at only $27 per night.


CO2TX_Day08_ 4-14-2015 8-17-01 AMFort Sumner is a very nice town and has the claim of being Billy the Kid’s burial place.   I was thinking Granbury, TX claimed something similar?   They do have a museum about him.


CO2TX_Day08_ 4-14-2015 8-41-29 AMFinally road out of Fort Sumner to start the long ride to Clovis.   I was really amazed to see how desolate the highway was with an occasional abandon building along the way.

Took a lunch break at Melrose, NM where I my original itinerary had me staying the night.   Melrose is about the only civilization there is between Fort Sumner and Clovis 🙂   Met a nice couple, at the AllSups, who were from Cleburne, TX.   I gave them one of my cards as they wished me well on my journey.

CO2TX_Day08_ 4-14-2015 1-45-22 PMWith staying in Fort Sumner last night (instead of Lake Sumner) and the early start I was able to cut out this overnight stop and continue onto Clovis, NM.    I forgotten that Cannon AFB was so far west of Clovis itself.    Seemed like a long ride before finally getting into town.


CO2TX_Day08_ 4-14-2015 2-11-22 PMFinally arrived in Clovis and found a hotel for the night.   After washing out my clothes and a warm bath, I found a Sonic and treated myself with a big ol malt!

If I’m feeling this good during tomorrow’s ride, I may skip another stop and once again combine 2 days of my trip.  We’ll see 🙂

Today runkeeper stats:



Today’s photos:

  • Coronado Hotel in Fort Sumner, NM
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4 Responses to Day 08 – Nut’n but highway

  1. Liz Wessels says:

    Great ride today! Looks like you are having great weather too.

  2. Lynne says:

    Looks like it was really a lonely ride today! Lots of time for reflection! Windy and cold here! Love you!

  3. Mike says:

    Those early starts make all the difference, not only better weather (less wind) that early, but with that much day ahead you don’t feel like you have to push yourself. Nice to see you’re lovin’ life in the saddle.

  4. Yantis says:

    The Billy the Kid Museum is in Hico, Texas. They claim he didn’t die in New Mexico but lived out his later life quietly in Hico. Happy Trails my friend. Ride on!

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