Day 12 – Kirbyville to DeRidder, LA

After a good nights sleep, made some instant coffee (microwave and packets I was carrying) packed up all my gear and was out of the room by about 7:15 a.m. as there was enough daylight. Lots of fog … again!

Ok … quick game. What is it? I saw at least 2 of these along the road.

Today’s route takes me on FM363 thru Bleakwood and then Bon Weir … the last town in Texas before leaving the state. Plywood is is one of Bon Weir’s industries as there is a plentiful supply of pine timbers.

I wonder if B.F. Bonner is a relative of the Bonner I know in Lake City? Continuing on heading towards Louisana. Just a couple of interesting sites like a house on stilts, nice road conditions and crossing “QuickSand Creek” … not gonna go down there! No way!

Bye bye Texas.

At Bon Wier I turned onto US 190. Not you might think that a US highway would be bad for cyclist but that is not the case. The build specifications for US highways include wide shoulder, wide enough to pull a car over and out of the way of the normal traffic lanes. Only issue is how much debris in on the shoulder. In my case, US 190 was very nice and clean.

Finally the Sabine River that is the boundary between Texas and Louisana.

Continued on US 190 thru Merryville, LA. Saw this sign about an old Indian community. Other than that, the town of Merryville seemed to by dying.

Contusing on US 190 also called the “Ronald Regan Highway”. Interesting complex simply called “Covered Arena” … looked huge and fairly new.

Wow … am I that close to Shreveport to see the grand kids? Only a 3 day (x2 6 day) side trip 🙂

Finally arrived in DeRidder, LA … actually a fairly large town including a super Walmart. My WarmShow host tonight is Mandie. She opens her home to wayward bicyclist like myself.

Stats for the day. My average speed was up from the beginnings of my trip.

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