Day 04 – Ugh!

Day 04 – Apr 10, 2015

CO2TX_Day04_ 4-10-2015 12-30-08 PMToday was probably the hardest biking I’ve ever done.   I was heading south with a solid 15+ mph headwind the entire time.  My route took me South on US 285 for about 30 miles to a small village of Tres Piedras where I turned East on US 64 for an addition 20 miles to the Rio Grande Gorge.


CO2TX_Day04_ 4-10-2015 9-29-51 AMAfter about 6 miles outside Antonito, I crossed into New Mexico from Colorado.   Wow … the second state to ride to!  Weather was clear and temperatures were in the upper 20s when I left.

The landscape was amazing.   After about 15-20 miles a car pulled over in front of me.   While I don’t remember his name, he too was a fellow bicycling tourist having gone across the US twice.   We chatted a moment and he took my picture and I gave him one of my cards (email photo if you can) 🙂

CO2TX_Day04_ 4-10-2015 1-49-53 PMTrudged onward and finally arrived at Tres Piedras where I stopped a restaurant to rest, re-hydrate and have a bite to eat.   My legs were literally numb from the 4+ hr ride.   After about an hour rest, I climbed aboard “Wildfire” and turned East onto US 64.


CO2TX_Day04_ 4-10-2015 2-17-38 PMWhat a difference!   Having a gradual decent without a headwind make all the difference.



CO2TX_Day04_RioGrande1After another 2 hours (20 miles) I eventually arrived at the Rio Grande Gorge.   Lynne met me there and I am able to spend a restful day in Santa Fe with friends!





Runkeeper stats:




Photos from today:

  • Chili Line Depot (restaurant) in Tres Piedres


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8 Responses to Day 04 – Ugh!

  1. Craig says:

    Go Jon go! Headwinds are the worst – especially when you are going into them all day and don’t get a chance to come back with the wind.

  2. Mike says:

    I’ve figured out that my job is to pedal, and the wind’s job is to blow. Sometimes it’s with me; sometimes it’s against me. Way to keep on doin’ your job, Jon!

  3. Steve Garufi says:

    I was the guy who pulled over and spoke with you. I’m so bad with names – and in fact I don’t even think I asked your name or gave you mine!!! Anyway, great cycling report!!!

    I posted my photo of you with a plug to your website on my Facebook page:

    Happy cycling always! -Steve 🙂

  4. Catherine and Bryce says:

    Love being able to keep up with your travels! We’re so proud of you!!

  5. Maura says:

    Nice updates and pics! Hope it wasn’t my ex-boyfriend you met that biked across the US … HAHAHA! Stay strong, you’re doing awesome!

  6. Liz Wessels says:

    Very cool that other cyclists are stopping to chat with you. What would be ultra cool is someone riding next to you to pass the miles. It’s a mental game of cycling so be strong. Love your photos and blog. Keep peddling!

  7. Craig says:

    Got to figure out a way to get a photo of you riding Wildfire. Is Lynne still there with you?

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