Day 05 – Rest Day

Day 05 – Apr 11, 2015

I am so thankful that I scheduled a rest day today … especially after yesterday’s hard ride.   Spent the day with friend, relaxing, enjoying meals and wine.   Even had a Trimbach Pinot Blanc!   Took the opportunity to take “Wildfire” to get the chain cleaned up and just a general checkup.   Found a nice bike shop near our friends house in Santa Fe called “Sirius Cycles”.   Clemente, the owner, was a great guy to work with.

I discovered today the name of the guy that pulled over and took my a picture of me on my bike.  His name is Steve Garufi and has a web site: and even posted the photo he took on his web site.   It is so cool to have some many take an interest in my journey and to share the experience of bike touring!    Thanks you Steve!


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  1. Liz Wessels says:

    The power of social networking is a good thing! Steve posted your photo on his Facebook page too. Glad you took a rest day. Keep peddling!

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