Day 07 – Week 1 Complete!

Day 07 – Apr 13, 2015

Today marks the completion of the 1st week of my journey … hard to believe!   Total miles so far is 266 (on bike)  about 1/3 of my overall trip … meaning the biking days will get longer.

La Loma motel off historic route 66 in Santa Rosa, NM

La Loma motel off historic route 66 in Santa Rosa, NM

I left Santa Rosa at about 7:20 this morning.   The day was overcast and cool with a chance of rain.   I made sure my rain gear was handy just in case.   Very steep climb getting out of town following the old route 66 and eventually turned into US 84.


CO2TX_Day07_ 4-13-2015 8-49-45 AM


Basic heading today was south on US 84 and was uneventful on the long and lonely road.   There was basically nothing between Santa Rosa and Fort Sumner.   Fun note is that New Mexico does have bike designated highways of which US 84 is biking road 15.


My original plan was to stay at Lake Sumner which is about 18 miles from Fort Sumner but with the cooler weather and possibility of rain, I choose to continue onto  Fort Sumner.   This will also take off 18 miles from tomorrow’s route allowing me to ride all the way to Clovis eliminating a day of my itinerary.  Lucky the rain stayed away for me but there were some pretty strong easterly winds of 15-20 mph.

Along US 84.   Beautiful contrasts of hillside and sky

Along US 84. Beautiful contrasts of hillside and sky

Another really good day on the bike.   I arrived at Fort Sumner round noon time.   Grabbed a hamburger at a local dairy queen type place and eventually made my way to a motel.   Crashed for about 3 hours and made dinner in my room.


Todays runkeeper stats:




Photos from today:

  • Entering Fort Sumner, NM


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9 Responses to Day 07 – Week 1 Complete!

  1. Lynne says:

    So glad all is going well! Love you!

  2. Craig says:

    One week down, way to go!

  3. Yolanda says:

    Nice to hear all is well. Enjoying all the pictures and your journeys. Keep up the hard work Jon!

  4. Tommy says:

    Doing really well, riding an extra 18 miles and knocking a day off the itinerary. Keep it up.

  5. eddie says:

    It appears your planning and conditioning prepared you well. Watch out for cross winds.

  6. eddie says:

    JON… The Granbury myth is Jesse James and John Wikes Booth. The Billy the kid myth is Hico. Want to hear more about 84. A interesting road from Clovis east to Logansport La. on the Sabine river., only east/west road across Texas. Could be your next ride, I could be your sag wagon.

  7. eddie says:

    Jon.. hwy 86 is a road you will enjoy going to Turkey(bob wills) and caprock state park good camp and state buffalo herd. At caprock you could get on 70 mile bike/hike / /horse tril to Esteline… good eats in Quitaque. Can’t remember name

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