Day 07 – Willis (rest)

Spent the day with my good friend Dan from TCU. We first went for “breakfast” as the great yellow painted restaurant that I think was actually named “top burger”.

They had some of the most fun sighs decorating the walls. I took pics of the ones I thought were really funny. I should mention that the owner said his wife picked you most of the signs … as if you couldn’t tell.

We continued the day driving into Conroe and drove by my grand parents house, my uncle’s clinic and a duplex my grand parents built. It was nice to see they were all still there and in decent shape.

Dan and I next went to his 92 year old mother’s house whom I’d met way back in my college era and had the most pleasant visit! Dan then dropped me back to my hotel where I did some catch up on work. We later got together for dinner before I headed for an early morning alarm to head back on the road.

No stats for today as it was a rest day and spending some quality time with my friend Dan.

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