Day 07 – Week 1 Complete!

Day 07 – Apr 13, 2015 Today marks the completion of the 1st week of my journey … hard to believe!   Total miles so far is 266 (on bike)  about 1/3 of my overall trip … meaning the biking days …

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Day 06 – Much Better

Day 06 – Apr 12, 2015 Wow … what a day of rest can do for you.   I’ve been told by many that it take 5-6 days to get your body in sync with riding like this and boy …

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Day 05 – Rest Day

Day 05 – Apr 11, 2015 I am so thankful that I scheduled a rest day today … especially after yesterday’s hard ride.   Spent the day with friend, relaxing, enjoying meals and wine.   Even had a Trimbach Pinot …

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Day 04 – Ugh!

Day 04 – Apr 10, 2015 Today was probably the hardest biking I’ve ever done.   I was heading south with a solid 15+ mph headwind the entire time.  My route took me South on US 285 for about 30 miles …

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Day 03 – God is watching over me

Day 03 – Apr 9, 2015 God is watching over me with the weather.   After yesterday tremendous winds … today’s winds are coming from the north and I’m heading basically south  AND clear skys to top it off 🙂 …

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Day 02 – It is all about people

Day 02 – Wed Apr 8, 2015 I’ve met some of the nicest people so far.   First there is the Philbern family that own the Blue Creek Lodge since 1976.   They took me in not only as a guest …

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Day 01 – Am Finally on the Road

Day 01 – Tue Apr 7, 2015 Today had to be the most beautiful bike ride in my life! Every journey begins with the first step or in this case the first “crank” of the pedal!   I’m finally on …

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In Colorado

Loaded the bike into the U-Haul truck along with all the other belonging for our cabin in Lake City. Trip up from TX went well but hit some VERY HEAVY winds. Radio reports said there were gusts of 50-60 miles …

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Final Preparations in Texas

Tough sleep last night as I woke up about 3am with my mind spinning going over my trip!   Finally got back to sleep around 4:30 🙁 Finishing up all the final preparations for the big trip.   Did a …

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My trusty steed now has a name.   I’ve name him “Wildfire”!  

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